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      County | Bus | Hyundai Philippines

      Tags: hyundai bus, hyundai city bus, tourist bus, mini-bus, hyundai county


      A coach with a passion for travel


      image of county left side view

      The bus of the best is now here

      Futuristic and unique, the County styling beautifully harmonizes with its practical personality. Rounded edges and flush fitting surfaces contribute to a clean, simple image.
      bus country : Item, Model, Country
      Drive Type LHD, 4X2
      Body Type Standard body Long body
      Door Type IDoor 2Door IDoor 2Door
      Seat Capacity 14+1 18+1 24+1 15+1 16+1 24+1 26+1 28+1 29+1 19+1


      bus country : Dimensions(mm)
      Overall Length 6,350 7,085
      Wheel Base 3,350 4,085
      Overall Height 2,630 (Air Con: 2,755)
      Overall Width 2,035
      Wheel TreadFront 1,705
      Rear 1,495
      OverhangFront 1,195
      Rear 1,805
      Body InsideLength 5,525 6,260
      Width 1,910
      Height 1,860
      Min.Ground Clearance 195

      Weight (kg)

      bus country : Weight (kg)
      Seat Capacity 24+1(D4AL/D4DB/D4DB-d/D4DD) 28+1(D4AL/ D40B / D4DB-d / D4DD)
      Empty Vehicle Weight 3,760 / 3,845 / 3,845 / 3,985 4,035 / 4,085 / 4,085 / 4,180
      Max Gross Vehicle Weight ** 6,360 6,670
      Front 2,260 2,570
      Rear 4,100
      [note]Max.GVW includes the front & rear axle loads based on the permissible tire load.

      Calculated Performance

      bus country : Calculated Performance
      Engine* D4AF/D4DC/D4AL/D4DB/D4DD
      Max. Speed(km/h) 109/104/109,107/120/111/115
      Max. Gradeabilrtytanθ 0.35 / 0.30 / 0.33,0.34 / 0.37 / 0.38 / 0.39
      Min.Tuming Radiusm 6.2 7.4
      [note]Max. Power and Torque of engine may vary according to each country.


      bus country : Specifications
      Body Type Standard Standard / Long
      EngineModel D4AF D4DC D4AL D4DB-d D4DD D4DB
      Number of Cylinder 4 in-line
      Max.Power/Torque (ps/kg.m) 100/24 120/30 115/29 120/30 140/38 155(Gen)/
      130(Tropic/Gold)38 /
      Battery 24V-80AH (24V-100AH:Cold Region only)
      TransmissionModel M2S5 (0.D) M3S5 (0.D) M035S5 (0.D)
      Type 5forword and 1 reverse speed, 1st to 5th synchro-mesh, reverse constant-mesh gears
      Rear Axle Ratio 6.333 6.142 6.142/ 6.233 5.375
      TireType Single Front, Dual Rear
      Front/Rear 7.00R16-10PR 7.00Rl6-10PRIStandard).7.00Rl6-12PR(Long)
      BrakeService Brake Hydraulic with vacuum servo assistance, dual circuit
      Parking Brake Integral expanding type on propellershaft at the rear of transmission
      Exhaust Brake Vacuum operated, butterfly valve type
      SuspensionFront/Rear Semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with shock absorber
      Fuel Tank 95 liter
      DoorDriver's Door Manual swing type
      Mid Door Two sections inward manual folding type(STD TRIM)
      Two sections inward Automatic folding type (DLX TRIM or OPT)
      Rear Door Two sections inward manual folding type
      Two sections inward Automatic folding type (OPT)
      Air Con (Opt)Capacity (kcal'h) 10,000
      • 1.Empty vehicle weight includes weight of oil, fuel, coolant and spare tire carrier & bracket, spare tire but exclude standard toolset.
      • 2.This vehicle specifications may differ per country.
      • 3.In order that product improvement may be introduced at any time, specifications are subject to change without prior
      • Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.