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      HD 65/72/78 - Design | Trucks | Hyundai Philippines


      image of MFR head lamp

      MFR head lamp

      The stylish front headlights are also a major night driving safety feature as they feature Multi Focus Reflection Technology for clearer, wider, and more precise light projection.
      image of bumper, head lamps and radiator grill

      Function oriented radiator

      More than a smart styling touch, the large aperture enhances cooling efficiency.
      image of focused on fog lamps

      Clear recessed fog lamps

      These fog lamps are available as an option. They improve driving safety in bad conditions, and are recessed into the generous front bumper to avoid incidental damage. (Optional)
      image of focused on cab's right door

      Side character Line

      Side Character lines add a sporty, muscular note which defines the HD’s dynamic and nimble image. (Deluxe Model)
      driver seat door is opening widely

      Wide Angle Doors

      image of 2 side mirrors with heating coil side by side

      Heated Rear View Mirror

      image of a safety step

      Safety Steps

      image focused on MFR headlamp

      MFR Headlamps (Multi Focus Reflection)


      Fully equipped for your success
      illustration of air control system working in the cockpit

      Air Control System

      Dial controls make setting the optimum heating and ventilation levels effortlessly simple. A powerful fan and multiple outlets mean that all round freshness is guaranteed. Air conditioning is also optionally available.
      overhead storage has several slots and storages

      Overhead Storage

      The overhead console provides deep, secure and capacious stowage for sunglasses, papers, maps etc., without impeding free movement in the cab.
      image of cluster including speedometer, RPM, gauges and warning lights

      Instrument Panel

      Backlit, clear, and easy to read instruments, in the direct sightline of the driver, make day or night driving more relaxing.